Meet The Board

Exectutive Board Members:


Bob Biarnesen, President

Kim Icide, Vice President

Vicki Brickman, Secretary/Treasurer

Kathryn Kettel, Member at Large

Emily Sharp,   Member at Large

Board Meetings:

**This will serve as your Notice of Meeting**  

According to "Condo & Planned Community Statutes of Arizona"

2016-2017, page 14, It states:

Notice of board meeting may be by newsletter, conspicuous posting or any other method the board decides as long as it is reasonable.

Next General Session Meetings scheduled for:

September 15th and December 8th, 2018 at 10:00am at the clubhouse at The Pines

Annual Christmas Party

 The annual Christmas party will be Dec 8th at 5PM. Please bring a favorite dish to share. We will be doing the annual food and toy drive during this event. You can drop off donations at any time before the 15th of Dec.

Children's Coat Drive begins Sept, 1st. Donations can be dropped off at The Pines office during regular business hours.