Road Replacement Project

The road replacement project is finished. The week of Oct 11th all parking spaces were striped and all handicap spaces were all clearly marked.

Winter at The Pines

Winter has come early this year so make sure to winterize your unit if you will be gone over the colder months. Turn off and drain your water heater and keep the heat on to 55 to keep pipes from freezing. We will not be using ice melt this year as it has been damaging the rails on the decking.


If you or a resident uses the fireplace in your unit, please have it cleaned once a year and submit cleaning documents to the main office. Please never burn trash in a fireplace.

Owner informtion


If your unit is a rental and you have not added a sewer rider to your policy and your unit suffers damage from a sewer backup Per section 9 of the rules and regs of The Pines (you can download on the front page of this webpage) You are responsible for the deductible of the association if an insurance claim is made.. (Up to $25,000.00)

Call your ins company and make sure this rider is on your policy.

All Owners are required to have a copy of their condo ins on file with the office. If you have not done so please send that in.

Please ask all renters to carry renters insurance and send this information to the main office as well.

In Other News

The Pond

The pond still has a leak somewhere and is losing water. The board is working to find the best solution to this issue.


Please do not toss food out for animals. We live in the forest and by tossing food out for squirrel's it attracts other animals such as bears and javelin's. This is a danger to the community.

Snow Removal

All owners are responsible for removing snow off decks in the winter. If you are not  up here during this time please have a service come and remove the snow. The Pines staff will clear roads , walkways and steps but owners clear the decks. This helps keep the wood and railing from rotting and rusting.


As of Sept 2018 No BBQs are allowed on the decks per our new inc policy. There is a BBQ at the clubhouse

Dog Poo and Smoking Stations

We have placed 4 new dog poo stations and 4 new smoking stations around the property. We encourage all residents who smoke to do so near one of the smoking stations and not on the decking areas. 

The poo stations are fitted with pick up baggies to make clean up a breeze. 


Q, Do you have any rentals available? 

A, We do not rent units here. The units are all individually owned. If an owner is going to lease a unit, they will use a property management company or list it on a rental site.

Q, Are there assigned parking spaces?

A, No, there are no assigned parking spots. Each unit may not have more than two autos on the property as parking is limited. All autos must be in working order, be registered and insured. 

Q, How much are the monthly COA dues and what they cover?

A, The monthly dues are $190.00 per month. This covers Water, Sewer, Trash, Snow Removal, The insurance on the property, the staff and maintenance of the grounds and  outer parts of the buildings.

Q, Do you allow pets?

A, As an owner you can have no more than 3 pets in your unit. If you are a renter, you will need to speak to your property manager. All pet must be on a leash at all times. Cats are not allowed to be outside of the unit without a leash. All residents must pick up after their pets.