Roof Reapirs and Replacement

Several of the roofs are in need of repair and 3 are in need of replacement. The board has approved the work needed and will begin the week of April 1st 2018. Buildings 2, 5 and 11 will be replaced fully and all others will be repaired as needed. The board has also approved the money for this project  will come out of the resurvey account. After all work is complete they will discuss an amount of an assessment  to each unit. This will help  replace some of the funds coming out of this account  for the repairs and will in turn keep the reserve account strong.  

Clubhouse Decking

Work will begin on replacing the pony wall around the decking area at the clubhouse. The outer edge of the decking area has been closed off until this work can be completed.

Deck Replacement

The maintenance crew is working to replace weak and sagging upper decks.  

We ask that all decks be kept clean and clutter free at all times. This will help if your deck is one that is being repaired.

In Other News

The Pond

The pond still has a leak somewhere and is losing water. The board is working to find the best solution to this issue.

Road Improvement

The board will be looking in several different alternative ideas along with the complete replacement of the roadways.. If a plan is put in place to repair the roads we post this information to this web site. The board did approve for a forth year a $228.00 per unit assessment for the roadway improvement. This assessment is due no later than Aug 30th 2018. If a plan is approved, a vote may go out to owners for the approval of a special assessment of the remaining balance if needed.

Mail Parcel Boxes

The board has approved 2, 4 box parcel units. The placement of these boxes will be just outside of the office doors and under the roof area. If packages are not removed from the boxes within 24 hours, the postman will return them to the post office and will have to be picked up there. 

Ready, Set, Go

We now have a door hanger that can be picked up in The Pines office in the event of an evacuation. This door hanger can be placed on the outside door of your unit if you leave the property due to mandatory or voluntary evacuation and you chose not to call the office to let us know you are leaving the property. These tags will be collected several times a day and your unit will be marked empty on a map. This will help insure everyone has gotten out safely.

Dog Poo and Smoking Stations

We have placed 4 new dog poo stations and 4 new smoking stations around the property. We encourage all residents who smoke to do so near one of the smoking stations and not on the decking areas. 

The poo stations are fitted with pick up baggies to make clean up a breeze. 


Q, Do you have any rentals available? 

A, We do not rent units here. The units are all individually owned. If an owner is going to lease a unit, they will use a property management company or list it on a rental site.

Q, Are there assigned parking spaces?

A, No, there is no assigned parking spots. Each unit may not have more than two autos on the property as parking is limited. 

Q, How much are the monthly COA dues and what they cover?

A, The monthly dues are $190.00 per month. This covers Water, Sewer, Trash, Snow Removal, The insurance on the property, the staff and maintenance of the grounds and  outer parts of the buildings.

Q, Do you allow pets?

A, As an owner you can have no more than 3 pets in your unit. If you are a renter, you will need to speak to your property manager. All pet must be on a leash at all times. Cats are not allowed to be outside of the unit without a leash. All residents must pick up after their pets.